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About Conference

IV International Conference of Casting and Materials Engineering ICCME 23, organized by Faculty of Foundry Engineering, is devoted to Casting for Energy and Military Industries.

Invited keynote speakers

Prof. Maria Losurdo, CNR-ICMATE, Instituto di Chimica della Materia Condensata e di Tecnologie per I‘Energia

Metals for energy and security: needs of databases and opportunities from chemical processing

Prof. Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, AGH University of Krakow

Thermoelectric materials and devices for recovering heat generated in technological processes

John Bradley, Bitech, UK

The journey to develop the Metalcasting Engineering MSc

Dr Dominik Kawalec, Signal and Power Solutions APTIV

Advanced materials in electric car HV Architecture

Important dates

Start of registration 

Deadline for abstracts submission (200 - 300 words, unformatted text) in English

Deadline for organizers to send authors the information about abstracts acceptance

Deadline for the participation fee payment

IV International Conference of Casting and Materials ICCME 2023

Co-organizer of GREEN CASTING panel:

GREEN CASTING LIFE project is co-funded by European Union's LIFE program under grant agreement LIFE21-ENV-FI-101074439 and co-funded by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) under grant agreement 276/2023/Wn-06/OZ-PO-LF/D.


The most important issues raised during the conference will be:

  • Casting
  • Crystallization of metals and alloys
  • Environmental protection
  • Computer modeling
  • Heat treatment
  • Mechanization and automation of processes
  • Surface modification
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Metals and alloys
  • Composite materials
  • Microstructure and properties of foundry alloys
  • Moulding materials
  • Materials for 3D printing technology
  • Corrosion of materials
  • Recycling in foundry and metallurgy
  • Polymeric materials